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Saturday, 3 April 2010


I have finally finished a commission piece that has taken a while! Mainly due to the whole family going down with this awful bug that is sweeping through our area like wildfire! My hubby and kids are now better and I can devote a bit more time to jewellery as opposed to my 'Florence Nightingale' duties!! I have a valued customer who commissioned some pieces from me, having previously purchased from my Folksy shop, and I really wanted to get this particular design right for her, especially as she was very definite on the stones, mix of colours and overall feeling that the design would evoke.
Well here is the finished piece, a bracelet called 'Ocean Dreams'

'Ocean Dreams' combines Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Russian Amazonite gemstones which soothe, provide harmony and provide protection. It also feautures a mix of Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. I hope you like it and would love any feedback. M x


  1. That is so pretty. Somebody is very lucky that they are going to get to wear it!

  2. Thanks Dottie! I am pleased with it, the pic doesn't do the colours justice. Thankfully this customer has smaller wrists than me, or I would have trouble parting with it!!